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About Us

History and Mission

We want to present to your attention the Bulgarian brand "Kylyan" - an escape from the mass street style and a return to the individual style of the person.

We believe that there is something timeless in fashion culture and that is personal style. No matter what and what is in fashion, personal style is personal because it is a person's conscious choice of what, when and how to wear. Style is the reflection of our individuality, and it is independent of the seasons, fashion and the opinions of others.

We have been trading fashion goods in Bulgaria for more than 10 years. Tired of the monotony, lack of quality and high prices of branded fashion accessories, we created the "Kylyan" concept in 2021. Our mission is to add value to your personal style so you can easily present yourself to the world and stand out from the crowd.

We at Kylyan know that sunglasses are much more than eye protection, a fashion accessory and protection from unwanted eye contact. They are part of your personality and vision. That's why Kylyan sunglasses solutions are completely innovative, offering a different style for everyone. This is also our vision - to create unique unisex sunglasses from high-quality materials at an affordable price.

Originality, Protection, Attention to every detail and Customer Care are the values ​​of the Kylyan brand!

Only in this way will your individuality shine through this fashion accessory, so necessary for personal style!

The fashion goals that we follow at Kylyan are:

1. Originality - In order to express personal individuality, a personal accessory like a pair of sunglasses must have an original design. That's why at Kylyan we make design decisions based on the latest fashion trends.

2. High eye protection through 100% - safe UV 400 protection of each sunglass model for UV-A, B and C rays with a wavelength of up to 400 nanometers (the ultimate threshold of invisible rays) and personally selected high-quality materials from Kylyan and used to manufacture the products.

3. Personal attention and customer care - we commit ourselves to each of our customers until the order is finalized. Complete customer satisfaction is our satisfaction.

4. Affordability – the Kylyan concept is about luxury at an affordable price.


Because You are special and nothing should stand in your way to prove it to the world!